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The roots of Douro region are already very deep, extending to the primitive people. Always on the production of wine, the history of the Douro region allows us to understand the origins of a drink so appealing and unique landscape that surrounds it. The existence of grapes on site, dating back 4000 years (century. XX b.c.), where many of the existing forts in the region, as the castro of Cidadelhe in Mesão Frio, date from this period.

The current landscape of the Douro region, characterized by terraces, was built during the 70s.This change of scenery, contributed to the Alto Douro Wine Region been considered a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2001.

In this ancient lands history is every corner, with traces of several other epochs of prehistory (Foz Coa) to modernism, people who passed through here have left their testimony. This way we can know vestiges of Paleolithic, historic villages, castles, walls, palaces and manor houses and monumental churches, in addition to inspiring and relaxing landscape to which no one can be  indifferent.Talk about the Douro and not mention the food and hospitality would be unthinkable. In this area you can enjoy some of the best traditional portuguese dishes and delicacies sought worldwide.  Also, you can taste prestigious wines that appeal to your senses!


It is worth to spend a few or more days in this paradisiacal area where there are a lot of things to do.

We do not define itineraries because of the diversity of things that can be done in Douro. We believe this should be customized to your desire, tell us what you would like to do and when, than we'll organise everything  following your expectations. Your satisfaction is ours too!

Contact us and you will not regret!

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