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Santiago of Compostela Paths

The Santiago  paths were crossed by the pilgrims who flock to Santiago of Compostela from the ninth century to venerate the relics of the Apostle James the Greater, whose tomb is in Santiago of Compostela Cathedral. This pilgrimage was one of the busiest of medieval Europe. The paths that another time were driven by religious matters, became a spiritual and cultural itinerary for its natural beauty and architectural and culinary cultural wealth. They are currently covered by hundreds of thousands of people every year.


The ways are usually covered on foot or by bike.


The symbol of pilgrims ("one who goes through the fields") is a scallop, whose origins are attributed to ancient people before Christianity made the pilgrimage to Finisterre, for many centuries known as the end of the world.

The Portuguese way to Santiago, makes use of old paths crossing forests, agricultural fields, villages, historic towns and cities as well as waterways, through bridges, some left by the roman  occupation. The way is still marked by chapels, churches , monasteries, shrines and cruises with the image of Santiago.
The entire route is clearly marked by arrows and other information that our ancestors left, so it will be hard to get lost.


There are two advised Portuguese ways, one that runs along the coast and another called the "central route" which is the most known which goes by the North of Portugal.


Who makes them, says that it's a unique experience, due to what you see and what you feel. The landscapes are not accessible to everyone, be the one with that privilege!

These tours can be done in several days, some people make it in 4, 5, 7 or even more days. Some of them make it on their own, others with guide, some sleep in a tent and others in hotels or hostels ... relies heavily in the objective and physical condition of each person. So in this chapter, we have choosen to inform you about the available routes but not defining the full itinerary because each one will set yours according to your willingness.


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