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The story of Oporto city dates back to very ancient times, from the fifth century that is known of the existence of a people by the river being called "Cale" which later becomes the name of the country as "Portus Cale," Portucale.
It is a city where every corner has history, artistic and architectural references to various periods, from the Romanesque, medieval, baroque to the industrial age, the iron and modernism.


In 1996 the Oporto was named World Heritage Site by UNESCO, in 2001 was European Capital of Culture and in 2014 considered the best European destination.

Up to today has been one of the tourist choice destinations for the cultural and artistic richness, the diversity, but very well known for cuisine and hospitality of the Oporto people.

Since 2007 the city has bike paths throughout the seaside which makes the connection between the Douro river banks, over 35 km that are worth to go. You can see lighthouses, the mouth of Douro river, the Ribeira area, the Douro River , Arrábida and Dom Luis I bridges, the wine cellars, Rabelo boats, the Douro river estuary and its nature reserve where we can find several species of birds and beautiful beaches with unique dunes.

Come to Oporto by bike! An ecological, friendly, funny and sporty way to visit this city!

We suggest two different itineraries, depending on your availability: half-day or full day tour, but if you want something different or if you have other interests, just contact us and we customize the tour according to your idea!


2 | 10 PEOPLE: 25€ / PERSON

+10 PEOPLE: 20€ / PERSON

*prices per person with guide.


2 | 10 PEOPLE: 98€ / PERSON

+10 PEOPLE: 85€ / PERSON

*including guide, lunch, Crystal Palace entrance, Port wine cellars visit, wine tasting and nature reserve of the Douro River estuary visit.

*At the quoted prices you have to add the legal VAT rate.

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